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Illinois Adopts NFPA's Out-of-Gas Requirements

Did you know the State of Illinois has adopted the National Fire Protection Association's requirements regarding out-of-gas situations? These regulations require anyone delivering propane to an out-of-gas customer to perform a complete system leak check. This means if your tank runs out of gas, a Rull Bros representative has to perform a pressure leak check and bring all appliances back into operation. A thorough safety check can take as long as an hour to complete and the propane customer is required to be present.

Propane is an extremely safe energy source when used properly. These strict out-of-gas regulations were enacted by the State of Illinois and NFPA to protect your family and property. Convenience, comfort, cost and safety… these are four good reasons to avoid out-of-gas situations.

If you are a will call customer (which means you call us when you want gas) and your propane system runs out of gas, a leak and safety check fee will be added to your propane delivery notice. Now would be a good time to become an auto-delivery customer (if you're not already) so you avoid any extra fees. We will keep track of your propane supply so you don't get caught out of gas.

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