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New Customer Installation Package

Our New Customer Installation Package includes the following:

  • Professionally placing our propane tank at your home in compliance with safety guidelines while meeting the customer's needs. Keep in mind that our tank should not be installed more than 90 feet from your driveway so that our hose can reach the tank during the winter season. See Where to Place Our Propane Tank for further details.
  • Installing a buried gas line from the tank to the side of your home.
  • Supplying and connecting two regulators, one at the tank and one at the side of your home. Smaller installations may require a single twin-stage system.
  • Performing a Propane Safety Check which involves: a) checking your appliances for sediment traps and shut-off valves; b) testing and adjusting the regulators for the correct pressure; and c) testing the inside and outside gas lines to make sure there are no gas leaks.
  • After everything above is finished, we explain how the system operates, make sure you know propane's odor, and show you how to shut down the propane system.

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