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Price Protection FAQs

Q: What is Budget Billing with Price Protection?
A: A more convenient way to receive and pay for your propane deliveries in even monthly payments.

Q: What is Price Protection?
A: Price Protection places a limit on how much customers pay for each gallon, but also allows them to take advantage of lower prices if they materialize.

Q: How do you estimate what my monthly payment will be?
A: Your estimated payment is based on projected pricing and your previous year's propane usage divided into 12 equal amounts, which in turn becomes your monthly payment. Your usage is reviewed twice a year, and your payment is adjusted up or down accordingly.

Q: Will I have to call for propane deliveries?
A: You will be placed on our automatic delivery program. No need to call for delivery.

Q: What about my cash discount?
A: The cash discount will be deducted automatically when your delivery invoice is printed.

Q: Is there any cost?
A: An annual $49 Price Protection fee will be charged to your account to be paid over the course of the year.

Q: How do I sign up?
A: Just contact our office. If you are already a Budget Billing customer, you will be renewed automatically.

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