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Rull Bros Propane Delivery

Automatic Delivery Service

The best way to maintain a constant propane supply at your home or business. Based on your tank size, last delivery, the appliances in use and the specific daily outdoor temperature in your area, Rull Bros uses an automated forecasting system that anticipates your need for delivery. To sign up for this complimentary service please contact us to provide your usage information.

Will Call Deliveries

If you are not an automatic customer, your delivery status is considered to be "Will Call". This means that you will need to request each delivery by phone. Please keep in mind that Will Call customers are advised to contact us at least 3 days prior to the need for delivery in order to allow time to schedule you into our regular route. Requests for deliveries outside of our regular routes are assessed a fee for making this special trip. Please be sure to plan accordingly and be prepared to provide your tank % or gauge level. For more information, see Get To Know Your Tank. All deliveries require an established account in your name. If you do not have an account or the service at your address is under the name of a previous resident, please call us to establish an account in your name.

Emergency Deliveries

If you are a will call customer requiring an emergency delivery or your delivery has been delayed due to credit reasons, deliveries outside of our normal delivery schedule will be subject to a special trip fee.

Out of fuel? If your tank is out of gas, Rull Bros will need access to the inside of the home to perform a leak test to ensure the integrity of your propane piping system when your gas service is restored. If you are not an Automatic Delivery customer in good standing, this is a chargeable service. Regardless of account status, this practice is required by Rull Bros for your safety and is required by the National Fuel Gas Code.

Avoid unnecessary fees by signing up for Rull Bros' Automatic Delivery Service. We highly recommend this complimentary service because it helps us to operate more efficiently, which means we can continue to deliver excellent customer service to all of our customers - all the time.

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